Bernecker & Rainer launches ACOPOSmulti, the most profitable version of servo motor control

February 4, 2008

The ACOPOSmulti series from Bernecker & Rainer represents the natural evolution of the ACOPOS series, which has achieved great success in the servo drive market and provides users with integrated solutions for their technical needs in the field of servo motor control.
When dissipating

There are 3 models of cooling available: standard, with radiator and with water/oil.

ACOPOSmulti is the optimal solution for multi-axis machines widely used in packaging, plastics, textiles, printing or robotics. It is a very high-end technical device that respects the environment due to the optimization of its consumption.

ACOPOSmulti efficiently converts electrical energy into mechanical energy and vice versa

Wasting energy in switchboards is a thing of the past

ACOPOSmulti offers different solutions to dissipate heat away from electrical panels. Users can choose between an IP65-rated backplane that dissipates heat outside the electrical panel or a water- or oil-cooled backplane. This avoids using an internal fan within the box itself.

Furthermore, ACOPOSmulti converts electrical energy into mechanical energy and vice versa in the most efficient way. Instead of converting kinetic energy into heat during the braking phase, it converts it into electrical energy by returning it to the grid. In this way, with the help of integrated regeneration systems, heating within electrical panels can be solved in an intelligent way and in compliance with the most modern environmental requirements. Another important advantage is the power factor correction aspect: the system is able to generate active power from the mains supply, thus significantly reducing the total power consumption and machine load (about half). This also results in smaller fuse and wiring diameters.

The ACOPOSmulti power supply is also connected to the controller via the field bus and therefore provides all types of information related to its diagnosis and management; this represents a very interesting novelty that allows the development of forms of predictive maintenance.

Integrated 24 VDC power supply to avoid voltage drops

ACOPOSmulti integrates a 24-volt power supply for the electronics of the servo controller as well as the PLC, PC and I/O connected to the machine. In addition to minimizing space and optimizing costs, this feature also allows you to manage devices when voltage drops occur in the network.

Therefore, all other equipment is connected directly to 24 volts and is protected against open circuits, short circuits and voltage overloads. Together with an instant messaging bus as fast as Ethernet Powerlink, this feature allows stopping states to be reached in a controlled manner.

Additionally, power can be connected by simply inserting the module into the backplate and securing two screws. In addition to the 24 volt power supply, a ground connection can be made without the need for additional connections.

Blades and Screws: Feed

Inserts and screws: power and ground are borne by the backplane

Comprehensive security

Some new security solutions on the market are based on non-standard field busses or have response times that are too long. The ACOPOSmulti system brings the advantages of the open and standard Ethernet Powerlink security technology and makes effective use of them. The safety of ACOPOSmulti allows the following functions according to Cat.4 of EN954-1 and SIL 3 of EN61508-1: controlled or free stop; limited maximum position; limited maximum speed; and fixed direction of rotation.

Other basic functions, such as the necessary reset after a stop and the output for starting the motor brake (both in accordance with Cat.4 standards, EN 954-1) are part of the standard equipment.

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