maxon and STMicroelectronics jointly develop plug-and-play servo control development kit

Ifa Semiconductor and maxon are jointly developing plug-and-play servo control development kits for drives, robotics and automation.

Ifa Semiconductor and maxon are joining forces to accelerate the design of servo drives for robotic applications and industrial applications. The two companies will present the jointly developed servo control package at the sps 2019 trade show in Nuremberg from November 26 to 28.

EVALKIT-ROBOT-1 is a plug-and-play solution designed to help users easily enter the world of precision positioning and high-end motion in the field of servo drives and robotics. Included in the kit is a maxon 100-watt BLDC motor with a built-in 1024-pulse incremental encoder, reflecting the company’s expertise in motor magnetic design, ensuring smoothness and balance for fine precision even at low rotor speeds. control.

The servo control board included with this kit contains ST’s STSPIN32F0A smart three-phase motor controller and a complete inverter stage built with ST power transistors ready to be connected to the motor. Motor control firmware is also included, allowing users to easily start the motor and start sending commands.

“Our motors are trusted around the world for their high quality, precision and accuracy,” said Felix Herger, head of business development for industrial automation at maxon motor. “Partnering with STMicroelectronics creates a platform that enables more product designers to Get these properties more easily.”

“Designing high-end motion control with precise positioning is complex and time-consuming, requiring specialized skills. Working with maxon, we now make these skills available to our customers. “EVALKIT-ROBOT-1 Kit accelerates development of next-generation robotics and automation , offering advanced functionality and flexibility, as well as outstanding reliability and ease of use. “

The kit is available now for $129.

ST’s STSPIN32F0A system-in-package contains key circuitry for motor control, including the STM32F031C6* microcontroller and three-phase inverter driver in a compact 7mm x 7mm VFQFPN package. This microcontroller is loaded with plug-and-play firmware for MODBUS communication and field-oriented control (FOC) with precise positioning capabilities. The device also embeds power management and current sensing circuitry, making it more flexible and versatile.

The maxon EC-i 40, 40mm diameter, 100 Watt brushless (BLDC) motor embeds a maxon ENX 16 EASY 1024 pulse incremental encoder for precise control. Includes Hall sensors for detecting rotor position. The motor’s optimized design features high output torque and low cogging torque, enabling smooth motion and improved positioning accuracy across the entire speed range.

The three-phase BLDC inverter power stage uses ST’s STL7DN6LF3 60V low on-resistance N-channel MOSFET, which can provide a maximum output of 6A to drive the motor.

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