Applied Motion Products launches M5 servo series

Press Releases: M5 Servo Series: Combining power, precision and cost-effectiveness to create high-performance servo motors and drives

Photos of Applied Motion Products M5 servo motors and drives.

Applied Motion Products M5 Servo Series [Photo courtesy of Applied Motion Products]

MORGAN HILL, CA – Applied Motion Products introduces the M5 servo series – combining power, precision and cost-effectiveness. The M5 servo series is designed for high machine performance, excellent torque output and precise control. The series is optimized for cost-effectiveness, ensuring peak functionality without compromising performance.

The M5 servo drive implements precise motor control algorithms. When used in conjunction with our M5 motors’ high-resolution encoders, they enable smooth, precise motion control. It supports fast motion profiles, automatic error compensation and troubleshooting assistance to achieve high system throughput and minimize downtime.

“With fast dynamic response, advanced safety features and a wide range of industrial networking options, the M5 Series of servo motors and drives offers our customers an unparalleled combination of performance and cost-effectiveness,” said Don Macleod, CEO of Applied Motion Products.

To support OEM designs, all high power density servo motors and drives are fully mechanically customizable.

The M5 servo series balances cost-effectiveness with performance. It offers a wide variety of options, competitive pricing, and quality components.


  • Power range 100W to 3kW
  • Incremental, absolute multiturn magnetic and optical encoder options are 17-bit to 26-bit.
  • Certified safe torque shut-off (STO SIL 3)
  • Industrial networks EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, Profinet and CANOpen as well as Modbus.
  • User-friendly setup software includes one-click autotune, notch filter design, resonance suppression and oscilloscope tools.
  • Advanced algorithms enable robust control with excellent disturbance immunity

About Applied Sports Products

Founded in 1978, Applied Motion Products has been innovating and advancing motion control systems. As a leading manufacturer of motion control components for original equipment manufacturers, we manufacture high-performance motion control motors and drives for a wide range of applications that require precise control of position, speed and torque. These various applications include, but are not limited to, robotics, machine control, factory automation, semiconductor processing, packaging machines, and medical equipment.

In 2014, Applied Motion Products established a joint venture with Moons’ Shanghai, a leader in motion control and smart lighting. This joint venture partnership enables Applied Sports Products to provide customers with supply chain reliability and vertical integration through broader resources and manufacturing capabilities. Moons and Applied Motion Products focus on developing cutting-edge technology, with R&D centers and more than 200 invention, utility model, appearance and software copyright patents.

For more information, visit www.applied-motion.com, email sales@applied-motion.com or call 800-525-1609

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