simon says but with servos

How much easier would life be if you could grab any mechanism you wanted to manipulate, move it the way you wanted, and then have it mimic your movements exactly? What if you could give a MIDI-like command to a servo, telling it to move to a certain position within a specific amount of time?Stop being curious because [peterbiglab] A wild idea became a reality.

All it takes is a piece of wire, an Arduino, and some very neat code. [peter] You can make this servo do whatever it wants. First, he tells the Arduino the desired duration in frames per second. He then grabs the horn and moves it however he wants – it can even handle different speeds. The servo system records and simulates what the movement looks like.

The whole operation is much simpler than you think.as [peterbiglab] The video demonstrates that after an interrupt, the servo knows its position via an internal potentiometer on the motor’s rotor. If you find the potentiometer output pin on the control board and connect the wires from there to the Arduino, you can use this information to easily calibrate and control the servo’s position. There are many possibilities for this kind of control. What will you use it for? Let us know in the comments.

If you want to try it out with a bunch of servos right away, maybe build yourself a small test console.


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