Festo works to reduce automation complexity

Festo Product Marketing Manager Tom Worsnopp said that the multi-protocol update of the CMMT series servo drives, first launched in 2018, is not only beneficial to Festo’s inventory management, but also to Festo’s customers.

“In the past, when a customer ordered an EtherNet/IP version of a drive, a Profinet version or an EtherCAT version, we had to keep them all in stock. With the new multi-protocol version, we don’t have to stock multiple versions, we only have to stock one multi-protocol version , the customer configures it during commissioning. Many of our customers also stock these servo drives because they are working on multiple projects or for spare parts, and they can now stock 10 of these multi-protocol versions in their warehouse. There they can pull what they need for the project and configure it as needed which is also great for their inventory management.

Worsnopp added that another aspect of the CMMT update focuses on the processors of the servo drives. He said Festo improved the processor and increased the RAM in the drive to enable additional functionality, such as adding an integrated web server.

“Adding a website server allows the servo driver to host a website. So now, when the OEM goes to configure the servo driver, they will know what parameter files are available for each driver on that machine. This means every time they copy the machine They can do all of this copying using a web browser. For example, the engineers doing the debugging don’t have to use our proprietary software to configure these servo drives. Instead, they just open a web browser, enter the IP address of the servo drive. Just download the firmware and parameter files, which speeds up their cycle time and reduces their dependence on our software because they only need to use a common web browser.

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