Kollmorgen’s AKD2G now features synchronized communication protocols and is even more versatile

Motion control systems manufacturer Kollmorgen has announced the latest update to its AKD2G servo drive. With the introduction of these new features, Kollmorgen expands its product range to support PROFINET IRT and Ethernet/IP with CIP Sync in addition to CANopen*, EtherCAT* and FSoE time synchronization protocols. Each protocol is rigorously tested on a variety of motion controllers and certified by industry standards organizations.

The AKD2G servo drive update allows synchronized motion between multiple drives using a variety of control architectures. Due to its flexibility and high performance, the AKD2G is the ideal drive for applications requiring high-precision coordination across multiple axes of motion.

The drive offers industry-leading power density in a compact package and is easy to install – available in one- and two-axis models. Engineers can utilize single-cable smart feedback devices (SFD) or HIPERFACE* DSL connections, or choose from a variety of other feedback devices.

Finally, the drive features optional SafeMotion Monitor (SMM) firmware with a safety level of SIL3/PLe, which meets functional safety requirements and supports a wider range of applications.

“The AKD2G servo drive is ideal for automation designers and OEMs who are actively optimizing their designs, delivering higher performance, a smaller footprint and greater design flexibility,” said James Davison, senior vice president/general manager at Kollmorgen. sex. “This is a system designed specifically for customers to make automation engineering easier, more efficient and more powerful. “

The AKD2G paired with the AKM2G motor is part of the 2G Motion System, a suite of motion products designed to work together for ultimate ease of setup and increased performance. Engineers can also take advantage of the drive’s compatibility with a wider range of controllers and feedback devices or other motors as needed.

For more information, please visit www.kollmorgen.com.

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