Applied motion products company Mclennan launches new MDX+ integrated servo drive

The new MDX+ series of servo drives, recently launched by US motion control specialist Applied Motion Products Inc. (AMP) and supplied by Mclennan, integrate high torque density and low rotor inertia brushless motors, absolute encoders, drive stages and motion controllers in one Single integrated, 24 – 60 V DC powered package. The driver is available in 40, 60 and 80 mm frame sizes with a power range of 100 to 550 W. Choose from a variety of control preferences including pulse train, RS-485, CANopen and EtherCAT, as well as optional emergency stop, dynamic braking and STO (SIL3). For distributed precision motion control tasks requiring torque/force, speed and/or positioning, the compact MDX+ will simplify installation by reducing machine wiring, replacing separate motors and drive systems, while ensuring simplicity through user-friendly software debugging, including autotune, oscilloscope and mechanical analysis capabilities. Integrated drives provide compelling solutions for applications such as packaging machinery, medical equipment, robots, AGVs and more.

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In terms of performance, the MDX+ integrated drive provides excellent precision control thanks to its combination of high 17-bit encoder resolution encoder (131,072 feedback pulses per revolution) and low cogging servo motor characteristics. An absolute encoder with battery backup is available to ensure position storage and no loss of position in the event of a power outage. The MDX+ has 300% peak torque capability, providing additional performance for acceleration and deceleration (the 550 W version has a 400% peak torque specification). Built-in electromagnetic braking is also available.

Field bus options for the MDX+ include CANopen, Modbus/RTU and EtherCAT. In particular, EtherCAT provides high-speed communication and supports high-precision multi-axis synchronization to achieve optimal production throughput. EtherNet/IP and Profinet options are also planned for the near future. Streaming commands or analog control from PCs and PLCs are also provided, while AMP’s “Q” programming multitasking language is combined with onboard I/O, including conditional processing, math and other advanced motion-related functions. User-friendly USB multi-axis debugging software includes powerful oscilloscope capabilities and mechanical analysis capabilities to determine optimal performance through notch filters to combat machine resonance.

The new MDX+ is a flexible all-in-one motion solution with a wide range of features and options to suit the widest range of applications. From an environmental perspective, MDX+ integrated drives are available in IP20 or IP65 water and dustproof versions. Machine safety in compliance with IEC61508 and ISO138491(PL e) is ensured through hardware-level Safe Torque Off (STO), and dynamic braking combined with dedicated emergency stops ensures the motor stops at the fastest speed. Built-in protection features in the driver include overvoltage, overcurrent and overtemperature protection with status LEDs. Mclennan offers a comprehensive catalog covering all of these features, complete performance specifications and many more options.

Mclennan offers and fully supports AMP’s MDX+ series and many other stepper and servo based motion control products. Mclennan also has distribution partnerships with other selected motion control component and system manufacturers, and offers stepper and servo motor based automation solutions from single components to complete systems through its own comprehensive design and build services Mechatronic components.



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