Parker Hannifin innovation enhances servo drive performance

Parker Hannifin, a global leader in motion and control technology, has enhanced its stand-alone multi-axis Parker Servo Drive (PSD) products with a new I/O option board. Accommodating one or two cards per drive, this versatile option card introduces a range of technology features that increase the adaptability and performance of the entire PSD range.

From motion control with axis interpolation to adapting to different setpoint sources such as speed or current commands, optional I/O cards are available to meet the needs of a variety of applications. It also supports encoder simulation, step and direction input.

Using I/O cards offers a range of advantages, including flexibility and cost-effectiveness. In addition, it offers a wider selection of sensors, saving costs by using sensors with standard interfaces rather than the often more expensive sensors with fieldbus interfaces. Directly connected sensors improve closed-loop control performance by shortening cycle times and reducing latency. Additionally, small applications can be implemented without the need for an external programmable logic controller (PLC), simplifying overall system design.

I/O option cards are compatible with all PSD1 series and offer a flexible design with one or two cards per drive. It has an encoder interface for input/analog, 8 switchable digital inputs/outputs, and 4 analog inputs.

This new I/O tag increases the potential applications of Parker servo drives, making them suitable for a wide range of uses as decentralized control systems with motion control and PLC functionality within the drive. Diverse inputs and outputs facilitate direct connection to sensors for internal load control or use as setpoint inputs for current or speed.

“The introduction of our I/O option card represents a significant advancement in the functionality of our PSD1 servo drives, providing our customers with greater flexibility, cost-effectiveness and performance,” said Markus Gugel, servo drive product manager for the Pneumatics Division.

This latest enhancement once again demonstrates Parker Hannifin’s commitment to delivering solutions that support businesses across a variety of industries. The I/O tab is now available, opening a new era of possibilities for motion control applications.

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