Applied Motion Products launches MDX+ low-voltage servo series

Press Releases: MDX+ series: low-voltage integrated servo system, 20% smaller than independent type

morgan hill california – Applied Motion Products introduces the MDX+ Series, a family of low-voltage servo systems that combine servo drives, motors and encoders into a single package. Provides 100/200/400/550W power output solutions. The MDX+ product line supports pulse sequence-based control methods (pulse/direction, CW/CCW, encoder following), RS-485, CANopen and EtherCAT. It also offers kits with electromagnetic braking to meet today’s industry safety requirements and will soon offer STO. The MDX+ series is an ideal solution for manufacturers in the logistics, AGV, medical, semiconductor and solar industries.

The compact design of the MDX+ series provides a smaller yet equally functional solution compared to stand-alone motor and drive systems. It is ideally suited for applications where installation space is limited and its form factor is at least 20% smaller than stand-alone solutions.

The MDX+ servo drive is debugged through Luna software. It is designed to assist users in configuring, tuning and troubleshooting the MDX+ Series. Software and drivers are connected via USB for fast and reliable communication.


  • Integrated drive and motor provide compact design
  • The main power supply supports 24-60VDC, and the auxiliary power supply supports 24VDC.
  • Standardized frame size is 40/60/80mm, covering power range 100W to 550W
  • EtherCAT, CANopen and RS-485 options
  • Equipped with 17-bit magnetic incremental encoder or 17-bit battery-free absolute encoder
  • Precise positioning and control
  • Support position control, speed control, and torque control
  • Offers built-in braking option
  • Available in IP20 or IP65 options

Application areas

MDX+ series integrated servo motors have a wide range of applications:

Packaging – AGV – Medical – Logistics – Textile – Electronic Detection – Solar

About Applied Sports Products

Founded in 1978, Applied Motion Products has been innovating and advancing motion control systems. As a leading manufacturer of motion control components for original equipment manufacturers, we manufacture high-performance motion control motors and drives for a wide range of applications that require precise control of position, speed and torque. These various applications include, but are not limited to, robotics, machine control, factory automation, semiconductor processing, packaging machines, and medical equipment.

In 2014, Applied Motion Products established a joint venture with Moons’ Shanghai, a leader in motion control and smart lighting. This joint venture partnership enables Applied Sports Products to provide customers with supply chain reliability and vertical integration through broader resources and manufacturing capabilities. Moons and Applied Motion Products focus on developing cutting-edge technology, with R&D centers and more than 200 invention, utility model, appearance and software copyright patents.

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