Siemens extends its SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE to ultra-low voltage applications

Siemens is expanding its drive portfolio in the ultra-low voltage range of 24-48 V EC motors with its new SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE. The new product line with UL and CE marked components includes PDC (Profidrive Control) servo drives as well as a range of flexible motors and connecting cables from product partners, as well as TM (Technology Modules) formats with servo and stepper drives With a width of 20 mm, it is compact and can be combined with decentralized or open controllers.

Siemens has expanded its drive portfolio with new ultra-low voltage drives for 24-48 V material handling and manufacturing applications. The new MICRO-DRIVE servo drive system brings integrated safety and industrial networking to a wide range of applications including AGVs, shuttles, conveyors, medical systems, assembly machines, labeling systems and robots.

Simple connections to Siemens programmable logic controllers (PLCs) help to significantly reduce engineering workload, while integration into Siemens automation technology via the TIA Portal simplifies commissioning and maintenance. Attributes such as smart encoders and one-touch adjustments enhance its plug-and-play startup capabilities. Communication via PROFINET using PROFIsafe and PROFIdrive profiles. The new safety integrated function SLT (Safely Limited Torque) limits torque by monitoring the motor current during running operation.

In order to meet customer requirements with maximum flexibility, Siemens has established product partnerships with companies such as Dunkermotoren, ebm-pabst, Harting and KnorrTec for the motors and cables used in MICRO-DRIVE. Other third-party motors are also available with support for various encoder types.

SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE PDC focuses on high-efficiency applications and its 100 W and 600 W units allow side-by-side rail mounting. They are available in standard hardwired Safe Torque Off (STO) and fail-safe versions. MICRO-DRIVE PDC100F models offer STO, SS1, SLT, SLS and SSM safety integration capabilities.

SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE TM units are designed for basic performance in industry, focusing on compactness and simple safety requirements.They are rated at 280 W and come standard with the hardwired Safe Torque Off (STO) safety features. In addition to servos, the TM unit also features new modules to control stepper motors with or without incremental encoders. Machine builders and users will benefit from a compact design, easy wiring and installation to ensure optimal performance.

SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE PDC and TM systems are suitable for a wide range of applications such as automated guided vehicles (AGVs), conveyors, shuttles, storage and retrieval machines for warehousing systems, diverters, assembly machines and industrial positioning applications .

The Siemens Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal is used to quickly and easily configure drives and motors, including enabling safety functions via PROFIsafe using a fail-safe PLC. Machine operating data can be transferred directly from MICRO-DRIVE to the controller and via MindConnect to cloud-based platforms such as MindSphere.


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