Hong Kong students build world’s smallest humanoid robot

In 2022, Zain Ahmad Qureshi from Pakistan built a robot that is believed to be the smallest robot ever created. Now, the record has been broken by four members of the robotics team at Diocesan Boys’ School in Hong Kong.

Students Aaron Ho Yat Fung, Isaac Zachary To, Justin Wang Tou Duong and Ngo Hei Leung built the world’s smallest humanoid robot. The smallest robot is 141 mm (5.55 inches) tall, which is shorter than a standard ball pen.

In addition to setting world records, the robot was also developed to “Small size, low cost, rechargeable and programmable” Tools for STEAM Education Workshops.

Students used computer-aided design (CAD) to design the robot. They first determined the robot’s technical specifications and necessary parts, then contracted a factory to manufacture the servo motors according to their requirements.

Servo motors/servos are electronic devices designed to precisely rotate and move specific machine parts. These servos enable the robot’s legs and arms to move smoothly.

The team created a 16-channel servo control board to program and operate the servos. The robot also has acrylic panels and 3D printed components.

Hong Kong students create world's smallest humanoid robotHong Kong students create world's smallest humanoid robot

Once all the parts were collected, the students began assembling their robots. They started with the legs – using eight servos for the feet, knees and hips. They ensured that the robot could walk on two legs. They then assembled the arm, using servos to allow shoulder and elbow movement.

Finally, they tested the placement of the battery and control board. Initially, they planned that the battery cells would be too large and heavy for the robot to hold. But later, they opted for a smaller 7.4V lithium-ion battery. The control board is placed on the back of the robot so that the robot can be controlled using the onboard buttons.

Students also created a mobile app to control the robot’s movements.

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