Choosing a Trouble-Free Brake Servo/Automatic Drilling System for Petrobras Drilling Machines

View of the Petrobras V driller’s workplace.
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Before Petrobras decided to order Lidan equipment, Rig Technical Manager Antonio Cardim Barbosa spent a week on a drillship equipped with a DBS brake servo off Brazil. Based on his observations of long-term system reliability and trouble-free operation and feedback from crew members. Petrobras has ordered the system and the ADS autonomous drill rig for the Petrobras V, which will operate offshore northern Brazil.

Freeman said the DBS brake servo is designed to mimic the driller’s customary braking techniques. Dual hydraulic brake actuators are connected to the winch’s existing brake shaft and controlled by a small joystick. The joystick can be mounted on a pedestal console or integrated into the armrest of the driller’s seat. He said the system provides the driller with the necessary feedback to continuously sense load and, together with the Elmago brake, control hook speed with high precision, right up to creep speed.

ADS Autodriller is an integrated function of the crawl speed quality of the DBS brake servo system. It has closed-loop feed control and can achieve a stable penetration rate (ROP) of 0 to 120 m/h. The unique feeding system automatically captures the braking balance or “sweet spot” to initiate and maintain the drum’s feeding motion. Through the control knob on the console, the driller manually increases the feed rate until the required weight on bit (WOB) is read on the hook load indicator. Press the button on the console to set the current WOB value. Electronic WOB control automatically makes small adjustments to the feed rate to maintain a narrow WOB range. Signals from delta-p and drill string torque sensors can be integrated into the system as these sensors are involved in feed rate control in the same way as WOB. If the drill string torque becomes high and a sudden rise in the drill string is required, the autonomous drill automatically goes into override mode, Freeman said.

Friman said Lidan has delivered its second brake servo and automatic drilling system to Petrobras, this time for the Petrobras VI jack-up drilling platform, and remains confident of receiving further orders from the company. The Petrobras VI equipment was scheduled to enter service early this summer. He added that Petrobras was also actively involved in the installation and commissioning of the system.

For more information, please contact Thorbjorn Friman at Lidan Engineering. Tel: +46 510 485570, Fax: +46 510 21018, [email protected]www.lidaneng.se.

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