RS supports process control and factory automation customers with the extensive Festo electrical automation product portfolio

RS is proud to offer Festo’s extensive portfolio of flexible, cost-effective and user-friendly electrical automation products designed to improve the way people work and the way companies compete.

Fort Worth, Texas, January 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/—— RSis a trading brand of RS Group plc (LON: RS1), a global supplier of product and service solutions to industrial customers, offering Festo’s broad range of flexible, cost-effective solutions for process control and factory automation And user-friendly electrical automation product portfolio application.

RS logo.  RS is the trading brand of RS Group plc (LON: RS1), a global provider of omnichannel product and service solutions.  (PR Newswire Photo/RS)RS logo.  RS is the trading brand of RS Group plc (LON: RS1), a global provider of omnichannel product and service solutions.  (PR Newswire Photo/RS)

RS logo. RS is the trading brand of RS Group plc (LON: RS1), a global provider of omnichannel product and service solutions. (PR Newswire Photo/RS)

Festo’s product portfolio has one of the industry’s most comprehensive selections of electrical automation solutions, including a wide range of linear and rotary mechanical systems, servo drives and motors, industrial and motor control solutions, automation systems, sensors and fixtures for seamless Seamless connections are critical for Industry 4.0 facilities and enable automation of all movements on a single unified platform. Drawing on nearly 100 years of R&D experience and more than 60 years of automation expertise, the entire line is also designed to simplify installation and commissioning processes, increase flexibility, increase productivity, support sustainable development efforts, provide excellent value for money and improve people’s work ways to compete with the company.

These advantages enable users to overcome a variety of challenges common to process control and factory automation applications across multiple market segments. While Festo offers more than 1,000 different electrical automation solutions designed to suit the unique needs of each application, several solutions show particularly broad appeal, including the CMMT-AS servo drive, CMMT-ST servo drive and The CPX-AP-I automation system is just a small part of the more than 37,000 Festo solutions offered by RS.

Festo’s CMMT-AS and CMMT-ST servo drives can be commissioned simply and error-free for rotary and linear movements in just a few steps and minutes using the Festo automation suite. Contributed functions include support for many different bus protocols (EtherCAT, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and Modbus) and automatic adjustment functions, which can be seamlessly integrated into Festo control solutions and use downloadable control functions to bring the field to life. The bus integrates directly into other Ethernet-based automation environments. The CMMT auto-tuning feature also automatically optimizes the rotational and linear motion control behavior of connected servo motors and linear mechanisms. In addition, both servo drives feature integrated safety functions that can be configured without software, including Safe Torque Off (STO) and Safe Stop 1 Time Control (SS1-t) up to SIL3/Cat 3 PL e (when using an appropriate external safety device) relay unit and circuit.

Festo’s state-of-the-art CMMT-AS servo drive is one of the most compact servo drives on the market and is an integral part of the Festo automation platform. Designed for easy commissioning and highly dynamic and precise point-to-point and interpolated motion, CMMT-AS servo drives provide precise force, speed, position and safe braking control in a range of demanding applications including assembly, handling and Packaging Equipment. Other features include energy recovery for sustainable operation, two multi-encoder inputs (one for connecting the motor and one for redundant measuring systems in a safety-related two-channel solution) and a touch screen and USB interface The integrated operation panel supports full-text diagnosis, simple on-site data backup and data transmission between multiple CMMT-AS servo drives connected in series. These competitively priced servo drives can also be paired with Festo’s EMMT-AS servo motors via a single cable solution to further simplify and reduce installation effort and save even more cabinet space.

Festo’s ultra-compact ultra-low voltage CMMT-ST servo drives are 50% smaller than the competitive compact CMMT-AS and are designed for high-precision positioning tasks as well as point-to-point and interpolated movements with low continuous power requirements ranging from 150- 300W, such as stepper motor, brushless DC motor. In addition to providing excellent economic benefits and maximum space efficiency, CMMT-ST servo drives also support primary voltages of 24–48VDC and motor currents up to 8A (peak 10A). They also feature an integrated web server for fast and easy online diagnostics as well as firmware and parameter transfer and updates. Additionally, when operating the CMMT-ST on an existing 24VDC network with a maximum continuous power output of 150W, users can forgo additional power supplies, further reducing cost, installation effort and cooling requirements.

Festo’s CPX-AP-I automation system is a flexible, high-performance, low-cost and user-friendly remote I/O system designed to support Decentralization Automation through simple integration into various control systems. The system can be formed from PROFINET, PROFIBUS, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP or ModbusTCP bus interfaces, up to 80 digital or analog input I/O modules and connections to existing valve banks, as well as individual M8 or M12 cables for communication and power supply voltage area and ensure stable data transmission. CPX-AP-I automation systems integrate modules into host systems, including IO-Link masters; provide end-to-end connectivity through extended diagnostics and remote maintenance capabilities to increase machine availability, uptime and productivity, and Improve energy efficiency; and support instant messaging at 200Mbaud data rates. Its real-time communication capabilities and deterministic system behavior enable cycle times up to 250 μs, and its IO-Link master and configuration software make integrating, updating and replacing IO-Link devices quick, easy, safe and cost-effective.Additionally, cable lengths up to 50 meters Connections between modules enable huge system sizes, and the future-proof IP65/67 design supports scalability for various smart factory applications.

For more information on these and other Festo Automation products offered by RS, follow the links embedded here, check out the new Festo Electrical Automation RS Expert Advice podcast, or visit the Festo website. For assistance in identifying, sourcing, deploying and maintaining Festo automation products designed to help you build better products, streamline production, increase safety, resiliency and productivity, and cut costs, please contact your local RS representative , Tel: 1.866.433.5722 or contact the RS technical support team.

About Festo
Festo is a global company and an independent, family-owned company with its headquarters in Esslingen an der Neckar. Germany. Since its founding, Festo has set standards in industrial automation technology and technical education, thus contributing to the sustainable development of the environment, economy and society. The company provides pneumatic and electrical automation technologies to 300,000 factory and process automation customers in more than 35 industries. The life sciences industry with medical technology and laboratory automation is becoming increasingly important. Products and services are available in 176 countries. Festo has more than 250 branches in about 60 countries around the world, has approximately 20,800 employees, and generated a turnover of approximately 3.81 billion euros in 2022. In this learning company, 1.5% of turnover is invested in basic and further training. Festo Didactic SE is a leading provider of technical education and training, providing customers worldwide with comprehensive digital and physical learning solutions in industrial environments.

About RS in America
In the Americas, RS stocks over 250,000 industrial and electronic products 700 trusted suppliers.These solutions span categories from automation and control equipment to interconnected, passive, active and electromechanical components and include more than 80,000 high-quality, competitively priced products RS PRO product.For more information, please visit https://us.rs-online.com Or contact us via social media Facebook, Twitter, LinkedInand Youtube.

About RS Group
RS Group plc provides product and service solutions that help our customers design, build, maintain, repair and operate industrial equipment and operations safely and sustainably. We stock more than 750,000 industrial and electronic products from more than 2,500 leading suppliers and provide a broad range of product and service solutions to 1.1 million customers.

We support our customers throughout the entire product lifecycle, whether that’s providing innovation and technical support during the design phase, improving time to market and productivity during the construction phase, or reducing procurement costs and optimizing inventory during the maintenance, repair and operations phases. We provide our clients with tailor-made product and service propositions that are critical to the successful operation of their businesses and help them save time and money.

RS Group plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange under the stock code RS1 as of this financial year March 31, 2023 Reported revenue was £2.982 billion.

For more information, please visit https://www.rsgroup.com/ or contact us LinkedIn or Twitter.

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