StackTeck launches first servo in-mold closure (IMC) system

StackTeck Systems Ltd. (Brampton, Ontario, Canada), a global manufacturer of multi-cavity, high-volume production molds for thin-wall packaging and closures, is demonstrating for the first time at NPE2018: the company’s newly developed servo-in-mold closures ( IMC) technology. The IMC system is running on an EcoPower 180/750 machine at the WITTMANN Battenfeld stand (W3742), equipped with fully integrated WITTMANN 4.0 auxiliary equipment, including the W833 Pro robot.

New IMC technology is used to demonstrate a 1 x 4 flip closure mold with a servo driven IMC mechanism. Compared with traditional IMC molds, which have a 1.5-second delay in closing cycle, StackTeck’s new servo activates in 0.35 seconds, meaning closing time is reduced by 75%, the company said.

StackTeck also uses the KoolTrack mold stacking design for optimal cooling, resulting in reduced hold/cool times and overall cycle times that are three to four seconds faster than traditional clamshell closing molds.

Servo drive technology is suitable for unscrewing and flipping lids via a simple interface to the forming machine. The NPE2018 display mold includes its own independent servo control cabinet and pendant, which uses a standard Euromap robot interface to connect to the injection machine.

The arrangement of the IMC mechanism is consistent with StackTeck’s proven existing design, which has a successful track record of producing molds with over 1,000 cavities, and features a single servo drive mounted on top of the mold. The complete mold and control system is ideal for mold changes between machines of different standards.

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