I/O terminals for servo motor control

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Beckhoff Automation has released the new EL7201 servo terminal module for the EtherCAT terminal module system. The EL7201 terminal integrates a complete servo drive for motors up to 200 W into a standard 12 mm I/O terminal housing. Integration into EtherCAT I/O systems significantly simplifies cabling and commissioning while reducing cabinet size requirements and costs.

The innovative EL7201 servo terminal made its North American debut at the Pack Expo 2011 trade show at the Las Vegas Convention Center in the Beckhoff booth (South Hall 5228). This cost- and space-saving servo terminal expands the range of compact drive technology solutions from the Beckhoff I/O system: In addition to the popular terminals for stepper motors and AC and DC motors, Beckhoff now offers I/O solutions Highly dynamic servo positioning tasks are introduced to the market. The EL7201 servo terminal with resolver interface has an extremely compact design while delivering high servo performance. Integrate fast EtherCAT control technology with magnetic field-oriented current and PI speed control to support highly dynamic positioning tasks. In addition to the direct connection of the motor and resolver, a motor holding brake can also be connected.

“The new EL7201 servo terminal is a real game changer in servo technology,” said Graham Harris, President of Beckhoff Automation. “Small servo drives have been a popular technology for many years, and the EL7201 is a significant evolution in this trend. Machine builders and manufacturers now have the option to control small servos using 12mm devices.”

Permanent magnet synchronous motors with a maximum rated current of 4A can be connected as loads. Monitoring of numerous parameters such as over- and under-voltage, overcurrent, terminal temperature or motor load provides maximum operational reliability. Modern power semiconductors ensure minimal power losses and enable feedback to the DC link during braking.

This servo terminal is fully integrated into Beckhoff’s TwinCAT automation software and can be easily parameterized. For third-party masters, parameterization takes place via the CAN over EtherCAT configuration file (CoE).

Scalable servo solutions
Servo terminals cover a wide range of positioning tasks: from packaging and assembly machines to small robots. Through the EL7201 servo terminal module, Beckhoff’s servo drive series has become more sophisticated: From micro servo drives with EtherCAT terminal modules up to 200 W to 118 kW AX5000 servo drives, Beckhoff provides a variety of advanced motion control solutions .

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