Festo launches new safety-enhanced servo drives

Festo has enhanced its servo drive range with the new CMMP-AS..M3 drive, which offers new safety functions integrated directly into the product as well as two internet connection options. The company says CMMP-AS..M3 includes modular functionality and dynamic safety options, and includes support for ProfiNet RT and EtherNET/IP, key features that make the drive not only safer but also more reliable.

Jurgen Kuhnle, product manager for electric drives at Festo, said in a report that Festo considers safety a key feature of its products because machine safety issues continue to plague users and administrators of industrial equipment. Press release. “While the topic of machine safety is no longer new, it will continue to play a key role in machine and factory construction,” he said.


Typically, engineers make safety modifications to the drive system, making temporary changes such as adopting any safety switching devices and connecting the STO function, or replacing the servo motor with a motor with a brake. “Many machine builders think this is enough,” Kuhnler said. However, he said this did not take into account that some machine errors, such as a toothed belt breakage, could cause the slide and load to fall, causing serious injury.

For this reason, Festo integrated the safety-related electric axis EGC with dual-channel displacement encoder and clamping unit into the CMMP-AS..M3 drive. If the motor encoder (first channel) and the linear displacement encoder (second channel) (EGC-M) detect an error in the system, such as a tooth belt breakage, the unit EGC-HPN can initiate a safety-relevant reaction, such as an emergency brake.

For functions not integrated into the system, the new drives are also supported by the Festo safety PLC (certified safety system CMGA). This support means safety command equipment such as emergency stop switches, guard door switches, light curtains and laser scanners can be connected to the system.

These safety features, combined with ProfiNet RT and EtherNET/IP support, make the drive safer, more reliable, and more capable of rapid troubleshooting through diagnostics using its Internet connection. According to the company, it also features higher dynamics and shorter cycle times for positioning operations, as well as trouble-free service for SD memory cards.

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