Elmo Motion Control announces new solutions at SPS Germany 2023

“We look forward to meeting our customers and visitors at SPS and showcasing our latest innovations in motion control technology. Our display will be one of our best yet, showcasing the updated Platinum range of servo drives that enable Machinery enters a new era of motion performance including advanced functional safety, and we’re excited to share the next generation of Elmo solutions – the Titanium Line. RamichananVice President of Sales at Elmo.

Elmo will present its Platinum Line and the following new solutions at SPS Germany 2023:

  • Titanium Master – Third-generation motion controllers meet new challenges facing machine builders that require best-in-class performance, speed, accuracy and increased robustness. This motion controller provides advanced real-time management capabilities for multi-axis machines. Embedded with cutting-edge computing quad-core CPU and large-capacity memory, the cycle time of each axis exceeds 100uSec. Titanium Maestro is unique with its combination of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, image processing, and advanced Python programming.
  • platinum bassoon – The first AC servo drive in the Platinum series with complete functional safety. The solution supports up to 10 amps, 230 volts and up to 3.25 kW continuous power. This driver is compatible with brushless, DC brushed and linear motors or voice coils.
  • Titanium Solo Castanets – A new generation of dual-axis functional safety servo drives, based on GaN power switch technology, suitable for low DC voltage applications. The solution, which operates up to 15 amps at 100 volts and has a continuous power of 2.4 kilowatts, is expected to be released in 2024.
  • Titanium harmonica 2 axis – A new generation of dual-axis functional safety servo drives with full-featured motion controllers and local intelligence. The solution features up to 10 amps and 5.6 kilowatts of continuous power per axis at 200 volts and is expected to be released in 2024.

To schedule a one-to-one meeting at SPS Germany, please register here: www.elmomc.com/media/events/.

About Elmo Motion Control

Elmo has been a leader in motion control technology for 35 years, with millions of servo drives operating 24/7 around the world. Elmo provides complete motion control solutions from design to delivery of cutting-edge servo drives, web-based multi-axis motion controllers and integrated servo motors. All solutions can be customized and configured using Elmo’s proprietary advanced and easy-to-use software tools for any machine in any industry, such as semiconductor, laser, robotics, drones, life sciences, industrial automation, Extreme environments, etc.The company has more than 350 employees and is headquartered in Israel and offices USA, China, Germany, ItalySouth Korea, Singaporeand additional manufacturing facilities Poland. Elmo has a global distribution network. By leveraging state-of-the-art technology to advance motion control, Elmo makes smart machines smarter. As of 2022, Elmo is a Bosch Rexroth company.

For more information, visit www.elmomc.com or email [email protected].

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