Modular automation suite for OEMs

At this event, SEW Eurodrive demonstrates how to build a vertical form-fill-seal (FFS) packaging machine using its StarterSet. Here, SEW’s 624 or 626 StarterSet can be used for machine automation. StarterSets include Profinet and EtherCAT compatible SEW Movi-C controller; 10 inches. Human-machine interface with capacitive touch screen; MoviDrive MDP modular 10kW power supply module with braking resistor and line filter; MoviDrive MDS switching mode power supply for 24 V AC/DC; MoviDrive MDD dual-axis module, For use with two servo axes, nominal current 4A per axis; CMP50M servo motor; PxG single stage planetary servo reducer; Movi-C DDI seven meter motor cable; and Movi-PLC I/O bus coupler.

SEW Eurodive focuses on three key aspects of its technology offering: OEE (overall equipment effectiveness), security and reusable software with additional functionality.

Valentin explained that SEW’s automation technology can help improve OEE by integrating power and energy on FFS machines, which also addresses operator safety concerns. “By using capacitor modules in the control cabinet, even if the power is turned off, the machine tool will not be damaged and the paper used in the FFS will not be torn,” Valentin said.

The FFS machine on display also features SEW’s safe speed controlled operation. “When we open the machine’s door, it goes into a safe speed mode while keeping all movements consistent,” Valentine explains. “So the whole machine slows down in a coordinated way without losing any control. A key part of our power and energy solution is the ability to control capacitors so we can charge or discharge them manually and control the charging level.

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