STARLIGHT – Raspberry Pi RP2040 board for rockets

Circuit Wizardry’s STARLIGHT is a rocket control board based on the Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller, specially designed for small 75mm model rockets.

The board has rocket control specific I/O, such as ignition and popup pins each connected to MOSFETs, two header blocks for 5V servos, as well as some sensors and 3.3V or 5V GPIO for expansion .

STARLIGHT Raspberry Pi RP2040 rocket board

Starlight specifications:

  • Microcontroller – Raspberry Pi RP2040 dual-core Arm Cortex-M0+ MCU @ 133 MHz with 264KB SRAM
  • Storage – 16MB flash memory for firmware and flight data
  • USB – 1x Micro USB port for programming
  • rocket control
    • The igniter works with the ignition system via a 2-pin terminal block and an AO3400 MOSFET (pulse current up to 30A) to automatically ignite the engine.
    • Sprayed through 2 pin terminals and AO3400 MOSFET
  • Servo Control
    • 2x 3-pin servo outputs for optional thrust ring vector control interface (onboard X and Y axes)
    • Level shifter allows use of 5V servos with 3.3V RP2040
  • sensor
    • ICM-42605 6-axis IMU with gyroscope and accelerometer
    • BMP388 pressure sensor for altitude determination and flight tracking
    • Dual temperature sensing adds redundancy and prevents overheating
  • expansion
    • 6x 3.3V GPIO pins, plus exposed SPI, I2C and UART interfaces for added versatility
    • 2x 5V GPIO pins are also used for servo outputs (different pins) via onboard level shifters
  • Miscellaneous – Power and Runtime LEDs
  • power supply
    • Input voltage: 5-18V via 2-pin battery terminal block
    • Dual voltage regulator for 3.3V and 5V
  • Dimensions – 75.4 x 40 mm with M3 mounting holes

The board can be programmed using MicroPython, and basic getting started instructions can be found on Circuit Wizardy’s website. There are also two MicroPython examples on GitHub for reading data from sensors. We were not told how to build our own rockets, so one had to start by getting a 75mm model rocket like the one shown below.

75mm model rocket
75mm model rocket examples from LOC Precision and Big Daddy

Circuit Wizardry is selling the STARLIGHT Rocket Tindie Control Board powered by a Raspberry Pi RP2040 for $49.99.

Via Hackster.io

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