Siemens launches SINAMICS S200 servo package for future manufacturing applications

The Siemens SINAMICS S200 servo package includes S200 drives and SIMOTICS S-1FL2 motors with standard or flexible cable options to provide motion control for stand-alone and networked machines. The kit expands the SINAMICS drive product range and offers a range of application possibilities for the standard servo market.

Key features of the servo kit include:

  • Built-in web server and one-click tuning
  • Global standards including UL, CE and SEMI 47
  • Security chip and UMAC protection
  • Suitable for digital machine simulation
  • PROFITNET and pulse sequence versions of single-axis AC drives.

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Features include integration and digital twin

The servo package is powered by a 1FL2 permanent magnet motor with a 17-bit or 21-bit encoder. These motors are available in power ranges up to 7kW to meet low, medium and high inertia requirements.

Other features include an integrated brake resistor and integrated holding brake control, increasing the efficiency and convenience of the servo drive. Their coated circuit boards (3C2) and sturdy metal solutions make them durable.

For seamless integration into machine builders or user systems, the SINAMICS S200 servo suite offers various options including an embedded web server and Startdrive software, which is integrated into the Siemens Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) portal .

This servo software package is included in the SINAMICS DriveSim Basic model and enables the user to create a digital twin of drive and PLC communication. This digital twin process ensures equipment is accurately sized and functioning correctly, streamlining project execution.

Applications include emerging battery markets as well as other E-OEM areas such as packaging, woodworking machinery and solar wafer production.

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