Kollmorgen expands performance of flagship AKD2G servo drive

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Kollmorgen AKD2G servo drive

Kollmorgen AKD2G servo drive

Kollmorgen, the global leader in motion control systems, announces the launch of its new AKD2G 24A driver. Designed for precision multi-axis servo system applications, this new single-cable optimized drive builds on the AKD2G product portfolio and includes upgraded safety features, SD card backup and a graphics display with higher amperage to support more devices with higher Applications with high power requirements.

The AKD2G 24A servo drive delivers three times the continuous rated current for up to 5 seconds during peak operation, making it ideal for high-power servo motors used intermittently. In these peak-related applications, customers can downsize their servo drives to this new 24A product. Kollmorgen’s Motioneering sizing and selection tool provides guidance throughout the process.

The new AKD2G 24A servo drive offers configurable options including safety level, I/O, feedback and field bus. It supports auxiliary braking without the standard X4 connector and allows for faster Smart Feedback Adapter (SFA) wiring using the standard X5 connector.

For high-performance applications, including robotics, customers can rely on Kollmorgen’s support to optimize drive/motor synchronization, setup and performance. Global product and service availability ensures long-term productivity and success.

“The AKD2G 24A delivers higher amperage for more applications,” said James Davison, senior vice president/general manager of Kollmorgen. “This high degree of flexibility and performance potential means customers don’t have to mix and match drives. In short, the expanded AKD2G servo drive family now provides customers with more power and control while reducing complexity.

Kollmorgen will showcase its latest motion control products in Booth 221 at RoboBusiness 2023 (October 18-19 in Santa Clara, California), the leading event for commercial robot development. It will also discuss the basics of motion control for humanoid robots and exoskeletons.

With rapid advances in robotics, labor shortages, and an aging population, there is a growing demand for humanoid robots and exoskeletons with higher efficiency and performance. Humanoid robots and exoskeletons are increasingly used in a variety of applications, including healthcare, manufacturing, construction and customer service. This requires efficient, precise and powerful electric motors to help accurately replicate and augment human-like movements.

Robotics startups prioritize performance, often deferring considerations of cost and scalability. Maintaining the cost (size, weight, power consumption, and cost) of SWaP-C presents challenges. To meet changing requirements, choosing the right motor solution becomes critical. In the session, Kollmorgen’s Tom Wood and Kyle Hanley will address three key questions to help robotics engineers choose the best motor design and size for their robots.

RoboBusiness is the leading event focused on developing commercial robots. There will be over 60 speakers, over 100 exhibitors and demos, over 10 hours of dedicated networking opportunities, the Pitchfire Robotics Entrepreneurship Competition, and more. You can view the current list of speakers and add more speakers.

RoboBusiness will be held in conjunction with the Live Robotics Engineering Forum, which focuses on how to successfully develop robots that operate in a wide range of outdoor dynamic environments. Also held during the same period as RoboBusiness is DeviceTalks West, the top industry event for medical technology professionals, now in its ninth edition.

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