Rockwell Automation launches decentralized servo drives

Rockwell Automation has launched the ArmorKinetix distributed servo drive, which is an expansion of the Kinetix 5700 platform. According to the company, this new system provides customers with a scalable drive solution, helping them deliver more robust machine designs.

Scalable solutions simplify machine control architecture, minimize component count, reduce manufacturing time and optimize productivity. ArmorKinetix decentralized servo drives reportedly offer a simplified architecture for mounting servo solutions outside electrical cabinets. As a result, machines can be designed to be more modular while reducing cabinet size, cabling and cooling requirements.

Smart servo drives also include vibration and thermal sensors that can detect potential machine issues, allowing them to be identified and resolved and increase system uptime. This approach increases productivity.

“Rockwell Automation works closely with customers to adapt ArmorKinetix distributed servo drives to meet customer application needs,” said Jon Vanderpas, product manager, Rockwell Automation. “This product not only delivers industry-leading performance and precision for each process, but also provides a more optimized way for people to design and operate automation equipment. The equipment has a wide power range to meet the diverse needs of manufacturers across the industrial sector. need.

Features of ArmorKinetix decentralized servo drives include:

  • Minimal power density derating
  • Available as decentralized servo drive or integrated servo drive and motor
  • Output power up to 5.5KW
  • Advanced analytics using integrated vibration and thermal sensors
  • Integrated safety technology capable of achieving SIL 3
  • CIP security capabilities
  • IP66 certification

Rockwell says the new decentralized servo drive technology reduces total system costs, improves production efficiency and increases manufacturer uptime.

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