New series PERCEPT: Percieve.Control.Create.

Tokyo — Yonex is proud to announce the launch of PERCEPT, a new line of tennis racquets for intermediate and advanced players. The racket was developed to seamlessly act as an extension of the arm, effectively transmitting accurate ball information for better control. This enhanced feel and control is designed to hopefully support players in expressing their unique and creative style of play on the court. PERCEPT will be available globally on August 25, 2023.

The new PERCEPT racket series caters to the needs of the world’s top tennis players who pursue precision ball and trajectory control. Featuring world-class innovation, this racquet features Yonex’s signature ISOMETRIC™ technology, which creates a 7% larger sweet spot, providing greater control without compromising power.

In addition, new servo filter(*1) technology effectively reduces unnecessary vibrations while providing accurate sensory feedback from the ball. The FLEXCON system in the racket shaft extends the time it takes the ball to enter the pocket, making it easier for players to place the ball accurately on the court. By adding more graphite layers to the frame, the racquet becomes significantly stiffer, significantly improving overall racquet face stability.

The frame itself features a fresh olive green base color with accent pink accents, symbolizing calming focus and sparks of energy.

The new PERCEPT racket will be used by many top players, including world number 10 (*2) Francis Tiafoe (USA), three-time Grand Slam champion Stan Wawrinka (Switzerland) and three-time WTA Tour champion Dayana Yastremska (UK).

Players can use PERCEPT to “perceive, control and create” to enhance their ability to feel the ball, improve control and create their own unique game on the court.

Yonex remains committed to supporting athletes in achieving their best performance by delivering world-class, high-quality products and driving further innovation through unique technologies.

(*1) SERVO FILTER is a vibration-absorbing film developed by the Mitsubishi Chemical Group. It has high adhesion to graphite and has excellent flexibility and durability.

(*2) Ranking as of June 24, 2023



Signature Yonex technology for a bigger sweet spot.

By making the vertical and horizontal lines as equal in length as possible, the sweet spot of a square ISOMETRIC™ racquet is 7% larger than a traditional round racquet

and provides better control without sacrificing power.

This technology has been used by some of the world’s top players for over 40 years, helping them win countless championships over the years, and is still evolving today.

Servo filter

A thin film material that delivers accurate sensory information through two key properties: reducing unwanted vibrations and enabling greater flexibility.

Developed by Mitsubishi Chemical Group, the servo filter is a transparent membrane placed between graphite, taking advantage of its high elasticity and adhesive properties. The film does not harden due to heat during the molding process; it retains flexibility and reduces unnecessary vibrations by 14%.
flexible system

Yonex’s original construction allows for greater flexibility and control, as well as an improved bag.

The system consists of three key components: a tapered elongated box frame shaft, 2G-Namd™ Flex Force, and a newly added material called a servo filter. Each of these components plays a role in helping the racket flex and extend the duration of the ball in the pocket at impact by approximately 10%.

Highly rigid frame

PERCEPT’s new frame design improves stable ball trajectory.

The PERCEPT racket has more layers of graphite throughout the frame for added rigidity. The new structure increases the stability of the racket surface by 3%, allowing players to have better ball control.

Test results

The following are the ball performance test results of PERCEPT compared with previous tennis racket models (100% is the standard level of VCORE PRO racket).


  • Reduce unwanted vibrations: +14%

  • Ball bag: about +10%

  • Ball trajectory control: +6.7%

  • Initial ball speed stability: +1.7%

  • Spin stability: +5.4%

*Tested by Yonex

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