Discontinuous motion control security reaches new level in mid-market

Earlier this year, Siemens launched a new generation of servo drive system SINAMICS S210. The new system is now ready for digitalization and brings a higher level of safety and security to stand-alone or multi-axis machines used in a variety of manufacturing industries.

With the SINAMICS S210 new generation servo drive system, which consists of digital native drives and a variety of corresponding motors and gearboxes, Siemens has raised high dynamics and motion control in medium-range operations to a level of independence and independence. North American manufacturing.

SINAMICS S210 servo drive system

This next-generation servo drive system brings a new level of safety to mid-market discontinuous motion control and a variety of moving, handling and positioning functions for packaging, printing, labeling, picking. , so there is a special focus on food and beverage and pharmaceutical applications.

SINAMICS S210 offers DC link coupling on three-phase units to increase power efficiency in multi-axis applications. The corresponding SIMOTICS high-performance synchronous motors are equipped with high-resolution 22-bit or 26-bit single-turn or multi-turn absolute encoders. A cable connection is standard; all motors are IP64, IP65, IP67 or IP69X rated. Integrated EMC filter and braking resistor ensure easier setup and selection.

For the engineering of SINAMICS S210, machine builders and machine users can use the embedded Web server or Startdrive integrated with the Siemens TIA Portal. Common standards and certification compliance enable the SINAMICS S210 servo drive system to be implemented easily worldwide.

The integration of SINAMICS DriveSim models into the simulation software enables machine builders to create digital twins of drives and motors during the project planning phase to ensure maximum efficiency and performance of the equipment. In the field, the S210 can communicate status via edge or cloud-based data acquisition for continuous monitoring and analysis. Machine users can use the Siemens Analyze MyDrives app to monitor key conditions for advanced anomaly detection. Seamless data transfer from drives to machine controllers, edge devices and the cloud is maintained to enable true digital-native operations from planning to operations.

In terms of network security, SINAMICS S210 comes standard with integrated network connection security, providing enhanced communication, integrity and authenticity checks to prevent tampering. In addition, the driver provides User Management and Access Control (UMAC) in the TIA Portal.

These new servo drives are used with the popular Siemens SIMATIC S7-1500 PLC or ET200 SP open controllers and various SIMOTICS servo motor and planetary gearbox designs. Improve engineering efficiency by integrating into TIA Portal and TIA Selection Tool to optimize system selection and programming.

Through onboard safety integration, the SINAMICS S210 servo drive system provides machine users with protection up to SIL3, covering a wide range of safety integrated functions, including safe stop and safe limitation of speed or direction. Menu-guided safety acceptance testing is integrated into the Startdrive advanced software to ensure correct operation and safety verification.

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