Siemens launches new servo drive system specifically targeted at battery and electronics industries | News | Company

Siemens launches new servo drive system specifically targeted at battery and electronics industries | News | Company | Siemens

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SINAMICS S 200 Critical Vision Center

Siemens has launched a new servo drive system with the Sinamics S200, designed for a variety of standard applications in batteries, electronics and other industries.

The Sinamics S200 servo drive system is also a very flexible system that can be expanded according to the application. It is available in power ranges 0.1 -1kW (200V) and 0.2 – 7kW (400V) and can be used with low, medium or high inertia motors. Depending on the application, standard or high dynamic cables are used. Thanks to its compact design, the Sinamics S200 servo drive system also saves up to 30% of space in the control cabinet and enables optimal equipment layout.

In combination with a Simatic controller (e.g. Simatic S71500), the user obtains a powerful, future-proof and robust motion control system thanks to TIA Portal integration, an integrated web server (LAN/WLAN) and an easy-to-operate system, – Button tuning function.

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Siemens Digital Industries (DI) It is an innovative leader in the fields of automation and digitalization. DI works closely with partners and customers to drive digital transformation in process and discrete industries. With its Digital Enterprise portfolio, DI provides companies of all sizes with an end-to-end set of products, solutions and services to integrate and digitize the entire value chain. DI’s unique product portfolio is optimized for the specific needs of each industry, enabling customers to achieve greater productivity and flexibility. DI continues to add innovations to its product portfolio to incorporate cutting-edge future technologies. Siemens Digital Industries has its global headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany, and has approximately 72,000 employees worldwide.

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Siemens AG (Berlin and Munich) is a technology company focused on industry, infrastructure, transportation and healthcare. From more resource-efficient factories, resilient supply chains, smarter buildings and grids, to cleaner and more comfortable transportation and advanced healthcare, the company creates technologies designed to add real value to customers. By bringing the real world and the digital world together, Siemens helps customers transform their industries and markets, helping them change the daily lives of billions of people. Siemens also owns a majority stake in publicly traded Siemens Healthineers, a leading global provider of medical technologies shaping the future of healthcare. In addition, Siemens holds a minority stake in Siemens Energy, a global leader in power transmission and generation.

In the 2022 fiscal year ending on September 30, 2022, Siemens Group’s revenue was 72 billion euros and net profit was 4.4 billion euros. As of September 30, 2022, the company had approximately 311,000 employees worldwide. For more information, please visit the Internet: www.siemens.com.

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