Kollmorgen launches first servo motor for moderate to heavy washdown applications

Kollmorgen, a global supplier of high-performance motion control systems, announces the launch of its AKMA servo motors, built for durability, cleanliness and versatility. The motor features a hardened anodized aluminum finish, giving machine designers a cost-effective stainless steel hygienic option in moderate to heavy washdown applications.

The lightweight design of AKMA motors makes them easy to install and maintain, and their high torque density provides machine builders with higher performance in a smaller footprint. This motor is ideal for precision motion applications in food and beverage processing. AKMA’s IP69k protection rating enables it to provide high performance even in wet and harsh environments, supporting critical applications such as tracking and positioning of antenna base systems.

Anodized aluminum surfaces are highly chemically resistant over a wide pH range. Since the surface of the motor is smoother and hardened, it is more resistant to scratches and will not peel like a painted motor, allowing it to be used above the food line. AKMA’s stainless steel spindle meets functional safety requirements, while its one-piece round housing construction eliminates the need for seals between flange and housing to prevent puddles and water intrusion. AKMA motors also feature a vented design that balances internal and external pressures, improving OEE and motor durability.

“We are pleased to offer AKMA servo motors to engineers looking for an affordable motor option in washdown environments where stainless steel surfaces are not necessarily required,” said Ross McMillan, vice president of engineering at Kollmorgen. “Now, it’s possible to balance performance with value. , and avoid overspending for surface quality you may not need.”

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