2023 Hackaday Prize: Bolt Bot Micro Servo Robot

This Hackaday prize comes from [saul] The beginning of a reconfigurable kit of 3D printed parts and servo motors for robotic learning. With just a printer, some cheap chip servo motors, an Arduino, and some nuts and bolts, you can assemble a robotic walker within a few hours of starting!

Bolt Bots are very easy to understand and all the mechanics and wiring are in a breeze, but we think they’re strictly suitable for indoor use.If you want to add remote control to your application, add one of the ubiquitous remote controls nRF24L01 board and create a copy of the remote yourself [saul] Easily available in another project.

We really don’t have much to say about it, as it’s essentially a build kit with quite a few configuration options, you just build with it and see what’s possible. We expect the number of parts to increase over time, providing more options.so far [saul] Several “walkers,” a rudimentary “robotic arm,” and even a suspended drawing robot were shown.

The Bolt hardware can be found in this GitHub repository, and the remote control code can be found in a second repository.

Servo-based designs are sometimes derided for their questionable accuracy and repeatability, but with a little effort they can be greatly improved. Additionally, multi-legged walkers require multiple servos and controllers to drive them. Or do they?

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