Celera Motion launches Everest S servo drive

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Celera Motion Everest S Servo Drive

Celera Motion, a business unit of Novanta, recently introduced the Everest S servo drive. The company says it is about 30% smaller than its predecessor, and the EtherCAT and CANopen versions reduce bus latency to 1 cycle.

Everest S has a design power of 3 kW and a starting weight of only 18 grams. It is designed for applications such as surgical robots, exoskeletons, collaborative robots, legged robots and autonomous mobile robots.

Everest S includes all the features of other Everest servo drives plus dual BiSS-C feedback support. Celera Motion says it combines 16-bit differential current with four configurable ranges.

Marc Vila, director of strategy and business development at Celera Motion, said: “We are excited to launch the Everest S to meet the growing demand for smaller, faster servo drives that provide more headroom for applications and even provide Better performance. “Our goal is to give product designers as much freedom and flexibility as possible, and the Everest S delivers that and more. ”

Celera Motion says the Everest S offers:

  • Optimized hardware architecture allows high-speed communication protocols to be implemented with minimal latency
  • Current loop operates at 50 kHz, speed loop operates at 25 kHz
  • Ultra-compact, thin and lightweight design
  • Various integration options and power management
  • Its latest motion control software features user-friendly configuration wizards and diagnostics

Celera Motion said that high-speed SPI bus communication can be used for optimized EtherCAT/CANopen multi-axis architecture. The Everest S is also designed to comply with industrial functional safety standards to ensure continued safe operation.

Everest S is the latest version of the Summit servo drive series. Others include Capitan series and Denali series.

In 2021, Novanta acquired Schneider Electric Motion USA for US$115 million and ATI Industrial Automation for US$172 million. After the formal acquisition of Schneider Electric, Novanta changed the company’s name to Novanta IMS.

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