Linear platform motion control servo motor

Van Nuys, California – Optimal Engineering Systems Inc. (OES), Van Nuys, Calif., has introduced the AQ140 series of linear platforms for motion control in aerospace, military, communications, semiconductor and test applications.

The AQ140 series linear stages are available off-the-shelf in stroke lengths of 600, 700, 800, 900 and 1000 mm.

These high-precision stages can be ordered with two-phase stepper motors with resolutions of 2 micron and 1.25 micron and strokes up to 80 mm/s.

Other options include three-phase brushless servo motors or DC servo motors, each equipped with a quadrature incremental optical encoder for higher resolution. Stepper motor drive models with quadrature incremental optical encoders are also available for position verification.

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All stages have a 160 x 160 mm table with a precision threaded hole pattern for mounting tools and a precision 2 micron clearance lead screw of 4 mm per revolution. The platforms have black anodized aluminum construction and can withstand a load of 30 kg. These lightweight, low-profile platforms can also be ordered in XY configurations.

These compact linear stages can be integrated into new and existing systems and available as complete plug-and-play systems with fully compatible multi-axis controllers. Optional brakes are also available.

For more information, please contact OES online at: www.oesincorp.com.

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