Industrial automation for the future

The global impact of COVID-19 is unprecedented and alarming. The pandemic has driven the need for more factory automation controls that limit human interaction, which in turn has driven the need for AC servo motors and AC servo controls, which have become the de facto technology for designing automation control systems today. . To bring customers to market faster, Renesas Electronics has developed a high-performance motor control solution with industrial networking and functional safety (FuSa) capabilities (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Motor control system using industrial networking and functional safety solutions

Through the synergy of Renesas’ complementary product portfolio of Analog + Power + Embedded Processing + Connectivity, we provide total solutions. The solution supports EtherCAT, PROFINET RT/IRT, EtherNet/IP, CC-Link IE Field Network Bankic, TSN and other protocols. RX230 and RZ/T2M are connected to monitor each other for functional safety. High-precision current sensing is achieved through the Renesas RV1S9353A Δ-Σ (ΔΣ) modulator connected to the RZ/T2M ΔΣ interface. RS-485 connection built-in encoder interface supports a variety of encoders. Through this design, Renesas Electronics provides more than 70% of the solution’s BOM, thereby easing delivery issues when sourcing from multiple suppliers. If you would like a demonstration solution, please contact Renesas Electronics sales.

Renesas Electronics also provides compact and cost-effective AC servo solutions for mass market customers (Figure 2). By leveraging the dual-core architecture of the RZ/T2M microprocessor, this single-chip solution design outperforms traditional dual-chip platforms in terms of performance and cost. The size of the motherboard is as shown in the picture below, which is 176mm x 100mm. Schematics, PCB data, application notes and software code are provided. You are welcome to contact us to request a demo board.

Figure 2. AC Servo Solution Board

For more information about this and other winning combinations that can help you accelerate your designs to market faster, visit the Winning Combinations page at renesas.com/win.

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