Automate 2022 Lenze i950 Servo Drive

At Automate 2022, Lenze demonstrated the motion capabilities of its high-precision i950 servo drive with onboard control.

The growth of advanced computing capabilities embedded in more and more devices has changed the face of automation, and variable frequency drives (also known as inverters) are an important part of this trend. VFD can control the motor by changing the power frequency and voltage to improve energy efficiency; reduce unnecessary mechanical strain; and calibrate torque, speed and power to best suit the process requirements. Additionally, as intelligence migrates from centralized programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to decentralized VFDs, new capabilities such as networking, diagnostics and more precise control make them a valuable asset.

Lenze said, “The intelligent i950 cabinet servo inverter can be easily integrated into modular machine solutions based on prepared technical applications – parameterization rather than programming. The same architecture, the same engineering and the same use application software, based on decades of application experience, eliminates the boundaries between centralized and decentralized motion control.

In addition, the i950 is also equipped with the “FAST Application Software Toolbox”. Pre-designed software modules can be customized and extended through the use of toolboxes. The i950 cabinet servo inverter can also be used as a power extension for the i700 cabinet servo inverter in the Lenze automation system, with a power range of 22 to 110 kW.

At Lenze’s show, four i950 drives were used to operate the juggling machine without the need for external controllers, vision systems or other sensors. Motion control and positioning of each individual drive is handled internally. Real-time communication between drives is achieved via EtherCAT.

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