Renesas Electronics releases the highest performance RZ/T2M motor control MPU to achieve fast, high-precision control of servo motors

Tokyo, Japan – Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE:6723), a leading supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced the launch of Renesas’ highest performance RZ/T2M motor control microprocessor unit (MPU) for applications such as AC servo drives and industrial robots. The RZ/T2M combines fast, high-precision real-time motor control functionality with the latest industrial Ethernet on a single chip, while also supporting functional safety operation. By providing all necessary peripheral functions for motor control, the RZ/T2M enables customers to reduce the number of external components, thereby reducing BOM cost and product size.

“There is a growing demand for factory automation and the deployment of industrial robots to increase productivity,” said Toshihide Tsuboi, vice president of the Industrial Automation Business Unit at Renesas Electronics. “The RZ/T2M is capable of controlling servo motors that drive robots at extremely high speeds and with high precision. I expect it will contribute to the development and widespread adoption of complex industrial robots that can work safely alongside humans.

Improve real-time control performance

The RZ/T2M is built around two Arm® Cortex®-R52 cores and operates at a maximum frequency of 800 MHz. Connecting peripheral functions for motor control to a dedicated bus connected directly to the CPU allows the CPU to access these functions with low latency. In addition, the large memory capacity (576 KB) is tightly coupled to the CPU, reducing execution time fluctuations that can occur when using cache and providing deterministic, fast-response processing. These advantages enable the RZ/T2M to provide fast and high-precision control for applications requiring high performance, such as AC servos, inverters, and industrial robots.

Supports multiple industrial Ethernet protocols and next-generation TSN networks

In addition to major industrial network protocols such as EtherCAT, PROFINET RT and EtherNet/IP, Renesas Electronics has also added support for the PROFINET IRT protocol in RZ/T2M. The new MPU also includes an Ethernet switch that supports the next-generation Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) standard, allowing multiple devices to operate in precise synchronization.

Support functional safety

In most cases, building industrial equipment that meets functional safety requirements requires adding two external MCUs for safety monitoring, which increases BOM costs. The hardware configuration of the RZ/T2M is designed for functional safety operation, so only an external MCU is needed to achieve functional safety. The RZ/T2M can perform functional safety operations in parallel with motor control and network communications. In addition, Renesas Electronics plans to release functional safety solutions later this year, including a SIL3-certified software suite portfolio, including a self-test software suite for fault self-diagnosis through RZ/T2M, and a mutual diagnostic software suite. SIL3 system software suite and software isolation capabilities. IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm Functional Safety Edition is an integrated development environment certified for functional safety-related development and an essential tool for deploying the above software. It will support the new RZ/T2M processor.

“Functional safety continues to be an important requirement for many of our customers,” said Anders Holmberg, Chief Technology Officer at IAR Systems. “Companies selecting Renesas’ new RZ/T2M for their next design can be confident that IAR Systems will provide them with certified development tools and expert technical support globally, significantly reducing design time and project costs.”

Winning combination

Renesas Electronics offers a winning combination of motor control systems with industrial networking and functional safety features, combining the RZ/T2M with complementary Renesas Electronics components that work seamlessly together. These include a high-precision current sensing solution that combines the RZ/T2M with an isolated ΔΣ modulator, a high-precision rotational position sensing solution that combines the RZ/T2M with an RS-485 device and an optocoupler, and a high-precision rotational position sensing solution that combines the RZ/T2M with an RZ/T2M combined functional safety solution. Renesas Electronics offers a winning combination of more than 300 compatible devices across the Renesas Electronics product portfolio, enabling customers to accelerate the design process and bring products to market faster. You can find them at https://www.renesas.com/win.


The RZ/T2M is available now. For more information, please visit; https://www.renesas.com/rzt2m.

The Renesas Starter Kit+ for RZ/T2M is an evaluation board suitable for initial evaluation of the RZ/T2M and is now available.

About Renesas Electronics Corporation

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