Pimoroni Servo 2040 Review: Use RP2040 to control up to 18 servos

The latest development board from Pimoroni Studio is our brainchild. The £24 ($25) Servo 2040 is a product of Pimoroni, but it’s actually the work of Pimoroni roboticist and product engineer Dr. Chris Parrott. Powered by the RP2040 chip, which addresses the current chip shortage, the Servo 2040 does exactly what its name suggests. This is a serious motherboard, designed to control up to 18 servos and work with up to 6 analog inputs, supported by an elaborate software library.

The Servo 2040 uses QWST, a connector compatible with Stemma QT and Qwiic (and also with Pimoroni’s own Breakout Garden boards via an adapter). This connector choice opens up a world of sensors and inputs to the Servo 2040, all of which can be easily connected via dedicated connectors.

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