STXI Expands Integrated Closed-Loop Servo Stepper Motor Series

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STXI Motion has launched the stepIM NEMA 17 EtherCAT model, the latest addition to its family of integrated closed-loop servo stepper motors. The IP65-rated stepIM NEMA 17 provides an efficient and cost-effective solution for applications requiring servo performance at the price of a stepper motor.

With cost-effective design and closed-loop servo control from Servotronix Motion Control, stepIM closed-loop servo steppers are available in three sizes: short (97.4 mm motor length), medium (105.9 mm motor length) and long (120.4 mm). motor length).

stepIM enhances the performance of stepper motors compared to traditional open-loop control. Integrate electronic components to control the stepper motor into a two-phase BLDC motor to implement position servo loop, speed loop, DQ current control and additional algorithms. Closed-loop commutation via an absolute single-turn encoder ensures optimal torque utilization at any speed.

“New stepIM NEMA 17 closed-loop stepper eliminates cabinets and gains decentralized design flexibility
“Motion architecture applications are space-constrained and require optimized performance,” said Siegfried Pries, STXI Motion product line manager.

In addition, stepIM closed-loop steppers support decentralized machine architectures, allowing machine builders to get rid of cabinets and enhance motor performance without losing steps. The integrated design also minimizes component and wiring requirements. Additionally, stepIM can act as a decentralized I/O point, thereby reducing machine complexity.

“StepIM stepper motors provide designers with high-torque, low-speed functionality, eliminating the need for gears while also allowing high speeds in the low-torque range at an economical price,” said Pries. Brake and gearbox options are available, providing a complete integrated shaft solution.

STXI Motion said it expects to launch the new servIM integrated servo motor series in the second quarter of 2022.

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