Elmo Motion Control launches new Platinum servo drive

elmo motion control

Elmo Motion Control’s new Platinum Series servo drives. | Image source: Elmo Motion Control

Elmo Motion Control, a manufacturer of innovative motion control technology, has launched a new family of servo drives – the Platinum Series servo drives, featuring advanced servo capabilities and functional safety.

The new servo drive series is an evolution of Elmo’s Gold Servo Drive series and is designed to meet the growing demand from OEMs for safer, smarter, smaller and faster servo drives. It can be a solution for many applications, including medical, robotics, material handling, semiconductor, laser processing, printing and inspection operations that require high-quality motion.

The Platinum Series features ultra-fast EtherCAT networking and processing capabilities, enabling faster loops and greater synchronization, as well as negligible jitter and near-zero latency. Higher processing power enables faster data processing, larger memory and unlimited real-time recorders to support high-performance applications.

In addition, the new Platinum servo drive series has the highest level of functional safety certification (IEC 61800-5-2 SIL-3, Cat4 PL-e) and has a comprehensive set of intelligent functional safety features, including ultra-cyber safe and optional Rich secure I/O, supported by Elmo’s advanced security software. The Platinum Series includes one of the world’s smallest functional safety and Functional Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE) certified servo drives.

“The new Platinum Series enables manufacturers to design and produce machines that are extremely safe for users and the environment, and optimize machine performance,” said Haim Monhait, CEO of Elmo Motion Control. “Our smart functional safety features significantly reduce the need for external safety components. requirements, simplifying machine safety certification. With Platinum servo drives, design engineers can build smaller, safer machines while reducing costs and time to market.

Elmo Motion Control’s Platinum servo drives are now available worldwide. The Platinum range includes the Platinum Quartet, launched in 2019, which won an Innovation Award.

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