Heden FUJINON MK Zoom Servo – Tailor-made lens control for FS5 and FS7 smart grips

Heden FUJINON MK Zoom Servo gives you motorized control of the popular MK Zoom through the smart controller on Sony FS5 and FS7.

Introducing FUJINON MK Zoom Servo

Sweden-based Heden has a proven track record in the film industry since the 1960s and has extensive experience in the lens accessories market, having expanded from its core business of follow focus systems to wireless platforms. Recently, Heden was approached by Fujinon to create motorized controllers for its new MK zoom range – the Fujinon MK 18-55 and MK 55-135.

The Heden FUJINON MK Zoom Servo Controller is born – a controller that not only gives you motorized control of zoom, but also allows you to operate it via the native zoom rocker on the Sony FS5 and FS7/FS7 II Smart Grip. This eliminates the need for additional handles and joysticks, making the system more compact.

For the Heden FUJINON MK Zoom Servo, the manufacturer decided to go back to its roots and build the product design from scratch rather than adapting an existing product. Heden decided to use motors with tried and tested technology that had proven rock solid for decades and decided to keep things simple and reliable in the precision mechanics department rather than integrating additional features such as an integrated wireless receiver.

Each lens is slightly different in the amount of force required to turn the zoom ring. Although the product was designed with the FUJINON MK zoom lens in mind, Heden left headroom in the motor’s power capabilities to be able to drive other lenses as well.

The Heden FUJINON MK Zoom Servo Kit consists of three components, namely the motor bracket, the motor itself and the motor driver. The complete kit retails for €1,995. Heden is scheduled to begin shipping this November.

Are you using the FUJINON MK zoom lens for professional use on your Sony FS5 or FS7? Can Heden FUJINON MK Zoom Servo complete your settings? Let us know in the comments below!

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