ADVANCED Motion Controls debuts FlexPro digital servo driver

The FE060-25-EM is the first servo drive in ADVANCED Motion Controls’ (AMC) new FlexPro digital drive series. Designed with a compact form factor and power density in mind, the miniature FE060-25-EM outperforms larger digital servo drives and can still be integrated into tight spaces.

Measuring just 1.5 x 1 x 0.6 inches (38 x 25 x 16 mm), the drive takes up about the same space as two standard postage stamps. In other words, four of these drives can fit on a standard business card. Despite its smaller size, the FE060-25-EM delivers up to 25 A continuous and 50 A peak current to brushed, brushless, stepper and linear servomotors.

AMC FE060-25-EM servo driver

AMC FE060-25-EM servo driver

The following are some features of the FE060-25-EM servo drive:

  • 10 to 55 Vdc supply voltage
  • AMC’s highest power density servo drive to date
  • EtherCAT communication
  • Incremental encoder and BISS C-mode feedback
  • Torque, speed and position operating modes
  • Configuration and full loop tuning
    Impact Architecture

IMPACT (Integrated Motion Platform and Control Technology) is the architecture that makes the AMC FlexPro drive possible. By creatively selecting and placing high-power components to stack the circuit board, it is possible to achieve higher power densities than previously produced servo drives.

A developer version is available for proof of concept and testing purposes – part number FD060-25-EM. It comes with a FE060-25-EM soldered to a larger board equipped with various connectors to simplify interface.

The FE060-25-EM’s small size is ideal for collaborative robots, AGVs, laboratory and warehouse automation, military equipment, and any other integrated design.

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