Elmo Motion Control offers single power supply mini driver

Elmo Motion Control this week announced a new enhanced version of its Gold-Twitter mini servo drive with single supply voltage up to 95 Vdc. This allows the user to use a single power supply for both driver and logic power.

As part of an ongoing engineering effort, the Elmo R&D team was able to incorporate a higher voltage internal power supply into the ultra-small Gold Twitter. Gold Twitter 80-V and 100-V versions, designated by the new P/N suffix, can now operate from a single power supply.

It is a benefit for machine builders that VL (control power) and VP+ (power supply) are powered from a single power supply. The single-control power topology helps reduce EMI and reduces susceptibility to poor external wiring.

The ultra-small, extremely high power density Gold Twitter servo drives will be available in enhanced versions, including the ability to be powered from a single power supply.

Despite these changes, the new enhanced version will be fully compatible with F3. Strict compliance with the “F3” rules (fit, form and function) ensures transparent use by customers currently using G-TWI.

If you need to order a power supply G-TWI, please add a suffix S Part number…G-TWIR80/80EES, For example. For more information, visit the deep link at elmomc.com.

Elmo servo drives withstand extreme environments

Elmo now sells unique solutions for typical underwater applications, such as remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), which do not always allow for fully controlled pressurized vessels for servo drives.

The ultra-small, inherently rugged Gold Twitter servo drives have been modified to meet the needs of deep underwater applications, which must withstand high pressures up to 700 atm.

Elmo’s extensive experience in designing innovative and reliable servo drives for harsh environments was a key element in executing this customization. New solutions require both R&D expertise to design special components and expertise in implementing specialized production processes.

The improved G-TWI has been tested and verified to operate normally at 700a (atmospheric pressure) (equivalent to 7,000 meters below sea level). Operational validation was performed in a laboratory at a purpose-built facility used to test high-pressure oil and gas technologies. For more information, please click on the deep link to elmomc.com.

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