Elmo demonstrates servo drives, motion controllers at Robotics Summit

Elmo Motion Control, a leading provider of high-tech motion control solutions, will be showcasing some of its latest servo drives and motion controllers in Booth 400 at the Robotics Summit and Showcase. Click here to view the Robot Summit exhibitor list.

Elmo Motion Control’s West Coast Business Development Manager Brian Mason will present a session at Robotics Summit titled “Making Smart Robots Smarter.” At the heart of all dynamic and mobile robotic applications is the ability to move accurately, smoothly and, above all, safely. As more and more small and medium-sized companies enter the robotics field, innovative motion implementation tools promise to simplify setup, shorten time to market, and improve overall performance. The impact of advanced servo technology goes beyond motion implementation, with considerable impact on footprint, efficiency and safety.

Register before May 4th, early bird registration saves 20%. Robotics Summit, held in Boston on May 23-24, is a multi-faceted educational event dedicated to addressing the technical issues involved in developing commercial robots and intelligent systems. Here’s a quick look at some of the products Elmo Motion Control will be displaying in Booth 400 at Robotics Summit.

Gold Twitter Servo Driver

Elmo Motion Control Gold Twitter Servo Drive

Weighing only 18 grams and measuring less than 13 cubic centimeters, Gold Twitter is the world’s smallest, most powerful and most advanced servo drive.

It is capable of delivering over 5,000W of power and ultra-high current of up to 80A/80V.

This drive complies with international safety, EMC standards and STO certification (TÜV). Gold-Twitter is an excellent solution for space-constrained robotics applications that require top-notch servo performance.

Its tiny size allows it to be “mounted anywhere”, within robot joints, close to motors or on moving axes. This also helps reduce hardware, wiring and labor.

Double Gold Twitter Servo Driver

Elmo Motion Control Double Gold Twitter Servo Drive

The new double-gold Twitter servo driver weighs only 33 grams, has a continuous current of 160A (80V), and can provide more than 10,000W of qualitative power.

It is the smallest STO certified (IEC 61800-5-2, SIL-3) servo drive on the market.

It uses Elmo’s proprietary innovative Fast Soft Power Switching Technology (FASST), which ensures optimal power component switching and delivers over 99% efficiency with negligible EMI.

This extreme efficiency allows its miniature size to be placed on a motor or a moving load inside the motor, helping to save space, improve machine performance, reduce cables and eliminate electrical cabinets, while delivering unprecedented power.

Platinum Maestro multi-axis EtherCAT motion controller

Elmo Motion Control Platinum Maestro Motion Controller

Platinum Maestro is an advanced multi-axis EtherCAT motion controller. It is a high-performance sports computer with extremely efficient network capabilities, making it ideal for applications where sports are truly important.

Platinum Maestro can be used with the Gold Drive series, with 32-axis cycle times as low as 250, and with the upcoming new Platinum Drive series, 8-axis cycle times as low as 100us will be supported.

Platinum is the ideal controller for robotic applications, top-end precision inspection machines, or any other high-performance multi-axis technology. Available IEC programming and visualization support and onboard I/O support.

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