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Finnish servo drive manufacturer Granite Devices has released a new industrial servo motor drive that contributes highly time- and cost-saving features to the machine automation market.

Ioni is the “Swiss Army Knife of motion control”, ushering in a new era of servo drives with snap-in mounting, built-in SIL2 safety features and 700 W-class compactness in a form factor of just 70 x 37 x 7 mm.

Ioni implements industry standard torque, speed and position control for AC, brushless DC, brushed DC, linear servo motors and stepper motors ranging from 2 W to 700 W.


Improved high dynamic range torque control allows a record-breaking range of motor variants to be seamlessly connected to a single drive type.

The “real beauty” of Ioni, the company says, is the ability to perform multi-axis synchronized motion control on a non-real-time host, such as a Windows PC with a USB or Ethernet connection.

This is achieved through hardware-side trace buffering and distributed clock synchronization. Customers’ motion control software simply fills the drive’s trajectory buffer to perform silky-smooth multi-axis motion.

Under the hood, Ioni has an unexpected level of connectivity. Ioni Pro drive models include full support of incremental and sine/cosine encoders as standard features. The driver connects directly to the fully open C/C++/C# programmable SimpleMotion bus as well as traditional digital pulse train and analog controllers.

IoniCube and IoniCube 1X motherboards are provided together with Ioni drives, allowing customers to build 1-4 axis solutions or larger motion control systems by connecting the motherboards.

IoniCube motherboard schematics are also provided as open source for customers to build their own dedicated motherboards.

“Ioni has proven that this Swiss Army Knife approach to motion control is possible by using today’s latest technologies,” said Timo Piiroinen, the company’s product architect.

Ioni is available for purchase directly from stock worldwide through the Granite Devices online store.

The Ioni product line is now in production, with three Ioni models:

  • standard ion;
  • Ioni Pro; and
  • High current variant Ioni Pro HC.

The prices of the Ioni models are IONI Standard 149 euros, Ioni Pro 179 euros and Ioni Pro HC 199 euros for an order of 1 unit.

The price of the IoniCube motherboard is 149 euros and the IoniCube 1X motherboard is 75 euros.

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